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Monday, December 20, 2004

December 2004: Holiday Greetings, and a brief update on what I'm up to

This year I founded my marketing consulting business, Worker Bees. I have worked on everything from high tech marketing content to online marketing programs for arts organizations, with some workshop development and delivery in between.

I believe every company can leverage the economics and efficiency of blogging and other online marketing techniques to achieve specific goals, whether marketing, customer service or project management goals. Worker Bees was founded to help companies define those goals and the right tools to achieve them.

I am also doing numerous side projects, because somehow I find I can never be too busy. I work for the LIFT organization, delivering high quality, but affordable group coaching to women, on a variety of professional and personal issues. I now write a monthly column for the Metro alternative weekly newspaper. And I’ve delivered seminars on various topics, including blogging and high-tech career for non-engineers.

I’m looking forward to expanding the focus of my business in 2005. Blogging definitely came into its own in 2004, and I believe many companies will be looking for help leveraging the technology and the application of it in the new year.

Best regards, and best wishes for a safe, peaceful holiday season.

Elisa Camahort
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