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Friday, May 14, 2004

Introducing the Worker Bees Web Site

I am happy to announce the launch of my new web site in support of my firm: Worker Bees: Buzz Marketing & More.

You can find Worker Bees at:

Let Worker Bees generate buzz for and about you!

Whether your customers are consumers, corporate customers, audience members or potential contributors, three things are true:

- You need to deliver your compelling message to your prospective customer
- You need to convert your customer from prospective to actual
- You need every customer to be a source of positive buzz about you

Worker Bees’ mission is to help you meet all three needs.

In addition to traditional marketing services for high tech companies, Worker Bees is dedicated to helping small-to-medium businesses, arts groups and non-profit organizations leverage the online universe.

There are cost-effective and very powerful ways to use the web. There are ways to make the web work for you. There are ways to make your customers work for you.

Worker Bees can help you create the compelling message. Worker Bees can help you deliver that message to the right people at the right time. And Worker Bees can help spread that message, so your business, your audience, your community grows.

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